Sunday, May 22, 2016

Friday construction

Praise the Lord the roof is finished! It was not poured without delay, but it was poured Friday night. The boom truck and the concrete mixers with the ready mix were supposed to arrive at 4:00 Friday afternoon. Instead, they arrived well after dark at 7:30. (That is why I don't have pictures of them pumping the concrete up to the roof.) However the men finished up in just a couple of hours. We praise the Lord for safety throughout the project! Today the church will consider continuing our projects with plastering the second floor and the facade of the building with cement. Thank you so much for your prayers during the last two weeks!

 The final straightening touches.

Julio and Diego getting the bricks wet, waiting on the concrete mixers.

 The finished roof.

 Thanks to three of the men from church who worked on the project. Diego, Julio and Jherrson.

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