Friday, January 29, 2010


Building the Walls!

Getting ready to lay the brick for the wall behind the future platform.

The wall goes up.

Making sure the wall is going to be straight.

This is the Peruvian way to get the bricks up!

Here it comes Julio!

Great catch!

Overview looking towards the platform.

Framing the columns and getting ready to pour the cement.

Carrying the cement to fill columns.
Notice the safety precautions in
"securing" the base of the ladder!

Filling the column.

Juan is the foreman for us on this phase of the building.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Construction Resumes! Praise the Lord!

This is our first week of resuming construction since we stopped the first of August. Here is what
was accomplished this week.

Framing up for the "sobrecimientos."
The bricks for the wall will go on top of this.

This is becoming a familiar sight!
Mixing cement on the road in front of church!

Moving the cement from the street
to pour into the forms.


"Sobrecimientos" are poured!

Now to move the bricks.
You guessed it, by hand!

Finally, starting to lay bricks.

Leave it to the architect to find a mistake!

Julio, one of our church members, double checking.
He's good at this and we're grateful.

Most of the walls are up about two meters. (About 6 feet.)

The pile of boards is where the platform will be
Lord willing, in a couple more months.
Thank you for your prayers!