Friday, September 9, 2011

Finishing the Walls on the Third Floor

This was the second and final week we worked on the third floor walls and columns. Once there is a roof, (probably a couple of years from now) this will become an apartment for the pastor and family.

Does anyone know how many bricks
it takes to build just four walls???

Tired after a long day of hauling bricks. Couldn't have done it without Jhonny, one of the men from church!!!

 Walls and columns going up!

Another picture for those of you who put safety first!

Getting a column ready to pour.
Do you know where this guy is?

I had no desire to help him! I haul bricks.

Getting the cement ready to fill the columns.

The last brickwork around the stairs.

Removing the forms from the columns.

Walls and columns up.

The finished product - complete with graffiti.