Sunday, March 21, 2010

Almost Ready To Do The Second Floor Roof!

This week we got most of the roof up for the second floor. We used a different type of roof on this floor. The smaller concrete beams were ordered and brought to the site. After they were placed, the bricks were fitted into the space between the beams. Lord willing, we will pour the roof this Thursday. Please pray the remaining jobs will be completed to meet that time-table!

Julio Lima from church is in charge of the second floor. Where would we be without him?!

I no longer worry about anyone climbing around. They do worry about me. If I had a dollar every time one of the men said, "Be careful Pastor!" we could probably build the third floor!

Getting ready to move the small beams up for the roof.

The roofing bricks begin to go into place.

For those construction men who want to see exactly how this fits together!

The auditorium looking towards the future platform.

From where the platform will be looking towards the street.

Saturday we treated the men from both the first and second floor crews to a chicken dinner! They're eating on the second floor! Can you believe that???

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beams For The Second Floor

Our four workers for the second floor spent this week forming the beams or "vigas" and framing them in preparation for pouring more cement and preparing to get the second-floor roof in place. Most of the pictures this week seemed pretty much the same.

On the first floor the crew began to get the cement on the walls to cover the brick. Due to their working on the first floor without any windows, I could only get a few pictures of that progress. A lot was done and we're looking forward to the start of a new week tomorrow!

The first beam begins to take shape!

Tying the wires together. Becky is not supervising;
it only looks that way.

Beams are getting framed in towards the end of the week.

The posts will hold the beams up as the cement dries. That takes about 15 days before they can be removed.

As you can tell, "Safety first!" is not the motto here in Peru!

This was the front of the church at the beginning of the week.

The view on Friday.

Getting the coat of cement on the roof.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Framing And Pouring Columns

This last week saw the columns framed up and poured on the second floor. There was a lot of work involved in this process and a LOT of cement to mix, carry and pour!

Julio finishes laying the brick by the stairway.

Framing the columns involved some acrobatic techniques on the outside of the building!

Getting ready to pour cement into the frame.

This was how ALL the cement was mixed.

The front of the church at the end of the week.