Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chinchil Mission Trip: November 2013

This year's trip was delayed 6 weeks due to Pastor Josué's hernia surgery. Because of that, we were not able to take a full team to have kid's clubs as we have in the past. I went with Pastor Daniel Aguilar, César Huanca (a deacon from El Manantial Baptist Church), and Noah Kephart (a former ARRIBA student from 2008-2009).

Pastor Josué with his wife Sarela, daughter Dialí and son Darling.

Pastor Josué at church.

Noah in the pickup truck that took us from Huacrachuco to within two hours of Chinchil. He would eventually be joined by six others in the back of the pickup!

Now to walk two hours to Chinchil!

Finally!! 24 hours in a bus from Lima, 2 hours by pickup and the final walk around the mountain to Chinchil!

Classes for the church (mainly the men) each morning. Pastor Daniel taught on book of James, I taught on the book of Galatians and César taught on leadership.

Some of the men who attended.

The church under construction from the trip in 2012.

 The church this year with a roof.

Noah with a group of kids who liked to follow him around as we did visits in the afternoon.

Pastor Daniel with the same group.

Distributing Gospels of John and tracts at the high school in town.

Getting ready for a baptism.
The site for the baptism was a spring that was dug out.

Maxmiliano was saved 3 years ago when we were in Chinchil. He had made a profession of faith after one of the evening services that year.

Pastor Josué with some final words of encouragement.

An evening service.
(Looking at the women's side of church.)

Three families requested a dedication for their youngest children. The man on my right is translating what I said into Quechua. I wanted to be sure that no one misunderstood and thought the dedication had anything to do with salvation.

Pastor Josué, Sarela and Darling.

Getting ready to leave Chinchil with some of our mule packers.

The intrepid four getting ready to walk the 20 odd miles to Huacrachuco. It took 7 hours going from 10,500 feet up to about 14,000 feet and down again.

Huacrachuco, the end of the trail is in sight! Thank you for praying for protection in our travels, the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and that God would cause His living Word to flourish in the hearts of those we had the opportunity to minister to!