Monday, August 29, 2011

First Week - Third Floor Construction

 Monday, August 22 we started the third floor construction project by getting the bricks, rebar, sand and gravel from the street to the roof.

A pulley was a tremendous help in getting the materials
onto the roof.

You might find the Peruvian way of getting electricity interesting. We needed to have three phase current so we borrowed from a neighbor to make that possible. You would have to ask an electrician how this works; I just watched and made sure not to touch any wires!!!

The brick laying begins!
That is the neighbor's laundry hanging on the roof next door.


This is probably not OSHA approved, but little on the job would be so using an upturned barrel as a ladder right on the edge of the roof shouldn't be a big deal!

This is our job for tomorrow, replacing the columns that were done incorrectly with these corrected ones. The 3/4 inch rebar will be pretty heavy! If anything should fall, the neighbor's tin roof below doesn't stand a chance.