Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chinchil Missions Trip: October 2015

October 2015

Once again we headed to the Andes to visit missionary Pastor Josue Tinta in the town of Chinchil.  We were a mix of this year's four ARRIBA students and members from our church, El Manantial - a total of 14.

Pastor Josue always opens his home to us no matter how many we are. He and his wife Zarela do all they can to make us feel welcome.

The need for benches was something we were able to help with this year.

Pastor Josue ordered the wood from a larger town nearby.

We had the metal legs made in Lima and brought them with us on the bus.

Eight new benches

Kyle trying to learn Quechua words and phrases.

Going over crafts for the kids' clubs.

On our way to school for the first kids' club. 

 Because they are in the process of building a new elementary school, we had to meet in a nearby field. 

This year's theme was a "Change of Direction", teaching that it is only by the power of God that our lives can be changed through Christ.

Ready to listen to the Bible story.

Vicky Vega and another young lady (Emily Snodgrass) from our church have gone with us to Chinchil for several years and are now planning on spending most of next year in Chinchil to help Pastor Josue and the church. Vicky will be the first missionary sent from our church.

After the lesson, we broke up in to smaller groups and reviewed the Bible story by asking questions. This gave us a better chance to share
one-on-one with the kids.

Maria from our church is a natural when it comes to working with kids!

Here Jhersson is using an Evangecube to share the gospel with his group.

One afternoon we had to go to the church for craft time as it began to rain!

That made things a little more chaotic but working in the groups helped.

Good interaction with the kids.

The last evening we were there we had a double wedding. 

Cesar and Jacki from our church sang a special.

Thank you for praying for:
opportunities to witness, protection, and health.
There were a few professions of faith, and we are trusting the Lord to continue to work in the hearts and lives of those children and adults who heard His Word.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 2015 ARRIBA Ministry In The Jungle

From April 6 through the 18 the three ARRIBA students, Jason, Kellie and Rachel, and I traveled in the Amazon jungle of Peru to three villages. We were accompanied by two national missionaries, Delsie Córdova and Christopher Cardeñoso. Due to excessive rains this year and flooding we were not able to go to the villages we had gone to in the past. Instead, God lead us to the village of Amazonas were we had not been since 2010 and to a village we had never visited, 9th of October.


School girls trying to stay dry

Ladies walking on the "sidewalk."

Our transportation between the villages


The church building in Amazonas

Evening service

Our housing in Amazonas. It belongs to
Pastor Pedro.

We used tents to avoid mosquitoes.

Pastor Chris teaching the men's class on discipleship.

Kellie, Rachel and Delsie taught a ladies' class on Philippians.

Delsie working with some of the children at kid's club in Amazonas.

The location of the kid's club.

Preaching in Amazonas

Special music from Delsie and ARRIBA

Some of the kids and the closing program

The ladies showing their handcraft

In Amazonas there were at least 7 children who made professions of faith. I talked with Tony and Juan Carlos who prayed and put their trust in Christ for salvation. They have attended church for three years.

Some of the church members who came to say goodbye to us.


The family who started the church in 9th of October. Pastor Jorge (red shirt) started the church over 30 years ago. Five years ago he had a stroke and can no longer see well enough to study his Bible and preach. His son, Leister, (in the green shirt) who is only 20 years old has been the pastor for the last two years. Please pray that he will be able to receive Biblical training at a Bible college.

Ready to eat!

Pastor Chris teaching

Evening service

Kid's club in 9th of October. Again, many children attended. On the last day there were about 20 professions of faith in Christ.

Jason leading games

Rachel teaching "Duck, Duck, Goose."

Pastor Jorge's older brother died the day before we left. He was unsaved. Pastor Chris was a big help and encouragement to the pastor and other family members who know the Lord. 


We stopped for lunch in 28 of July with Pastor Felipe and the believers here. The village was too flooded to stay longer.

The flooded village of 28th of July. The church is the green building.

Pastor Jose from Grau, Pastor Chris, Jim and Pastor Felipe.
(l. to rt.)

The ARRIBA students going to one final kids' club in 28th of July. 

Please pray for the children who accepted Christ during these two weeks. Our desire is to see fruit that remains. Pray for the pastors of the two villages we ministered in: Pastor Pedro in Amazonas and Pastor Leiter in 9th of October. Please pray they will be faithful, resist temptations and be filled with wisdom as they lead the believers there in the jungle.

Pray for the 3 ARRIBA students who have just returned to the States that they will be focused on praying and considering their future role in being workers sent by the Lord into His fields.