Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chinchil Mission Trip October 2014

First of all, we'd like to thank you for your prayers for our mission trip to the mountain village of Chinchil where Pastor Josué Tinta is faithfully serving the Lord. Our team consisted of three young ladies from El Manantial Baptist Church, this year's three ARRIBA students, a former ARRIBA student, and a national missionary Delsi Córdova.

Pastor Josué met us in the town of Huacrachuco to take us to Chinchil

After a 3 hour ride in a minivan, we hiked the final hour and a half to Chinchil

Every morning we were able to have special meetings with the students in the schools. Here Eli and Vicky are practicing their drama for the elementary school program.

Singing with the students at the elementary school

Delsi speaking to the high school students

In the mornings Jim taught the adults a study of the Gospel of John chapters 1-8

Different families from the church provided our meals

Noah, Jason and Emily "rounding up" the children for Kids' Club each afternoon

Game time has always been a special time for the children

The ARRIBA students had the opportunity to share object lessons with the children in Spanish 

Each day we had over 100 children who came to the Kids' Club

The Gospel was presented through the lessons and many stayed after the last day to ask us about trusting Christ as their Savior. We were able to talk with many of their need of a Savior and about twenty children/teens made professions of faith.

Monday through Thursday Jim  preached in the evenings

The men from the church singing a special

The ladies with their crafts from the ladies' meetings which Becky taught in the afternoons on Titus 2:4-5.

ARRIBA students and Delsi with some of the children after an evening service

Please pray for Pastor Josué, Zarela and their family as they serve the Lord in Chinchil.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014 ARRIBA Jungle Trip

Each year in March/April the ARRIBA students and I have the opportunity to share God's Word for two weeks in Peru's Amazon jungle. This year we headed  first to the community of  28 de Julio (28th of July) and the following week was spent in the larger village of Grau. This year's ARRIBA students, Sam and Rachel along with two other young ladies, (Savannah Froese working at BMM's school for MKs  and Delsi Cordova a national missionary) held kids' clubs and ladies' meetings during the day. While they were working with the children and ladies, I had a daily Bible study with several men each week on Christ's crucifixion in our place and our salvation. In the evenings Sam and I took turns preaching in special services.

Setting off for a 3 hour boat ride to 28 de Julio.

This is 28 de Julio. We slept in tents on the porch of the first house on the left and ate our meals at Pastor Felipe's house next door.

Rachel working with a craft for kids' club in 28 de Julio.

The kids with the finished craft showing Christ's birth, death and resurrection

Sam leading games

Game time on the beach

Ladies Meeting in 28 de Julio

Sam preaching in the evening service
 *FYI - it's not cold in the jungle. The jacket is only to keep the mosquitoes from biting!

Rachel and Savannah at church with some of the kids

Sam leading the kids at the VBS closing program at church

The 4 men I taught the week we were here in 28 de Julio. Pastor Felipe is to my left as you look at the picture.

These are the 4 men in my class in Grau.

In Grau we set up our tents in a community center close to the church. The table for studying and eating was a blessing!

Sam in Grau leading games with a group of the smallest kids

In Grau the ARRIBA students had an hour to speak to the high school students. They got to present the Gospel to about 60 students who eventually filled the room.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ingenio, Amazonas January 2014

Eleven years ago I visited Ingenio with Pastor Silvio Salinas; 5 ARRIBA students; our sons, Tom and Bill; and another BMM colleague, Allan Frey and his son, Jonathan. That was in 2003. At that time I didn't think I would ever be back in this part of Peru. However, I was honored to be able to participate in the 19th Baptist Convention of this region and teach the book of Galatians. I truly enjoyed having Becky come with me on the trip this time!

The "town" of Ingenio

The church building in Ingenio

Jim teaching in the morning sessions

The most patient dog in the world!!!

Thin slices of fresh beef drying in the kitchen to make jerky

Delicious! Jerky and yucca

I think this was going into the soup!

The civil weddings were at the community center. That evening the church hosted the religious ceremony.

 The "baptistry"

Eight of the nine who were baptized

Practicing for the VBS closing program that evening

VBS closing program

Some of those from the 10 churches who attended

Leaving Ingenio we had a flat tire which gave us one more chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Here are a couple of the villages seen from Ingenio. Please pray for pastors for the churches in this region of Peru.